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Sample Testing Proven to Exceed Expectations

DHM has an extensive Chemical Laboratory located in Calhoun, Georgia. Our chemists are constantly developing, testing and providing "Simply the Best" adhesive compounds that exceed expectations for a multitude of applications.

Our industry leading sample testing service is now available to potential customers who may not be currently using DHM Adhesives and searching for a better product. If issues are arising with your current adhesive, we can help. Simply contact us today or fill out the form below. 


Please make sure to note: 


  • Tests will take approximately 1-2 weeks, depending on your application, unique product application or special requirements, or more extensive testing.

  • To test your product and in most cases, 50g of adhesive can be matched with relative ease.

  • Small packaging applications for extruding or spraying will require 1/2 pound of product to conduct the necessary comparative tests on substrates. More than 10 square inches of substrates are needed for testing 1 single glue; more substrates allow more testing choices.

  • Larger applications, such as roll-coating, require more adhesive and substrate samples. Development of product may require up to a pound of adhesive and much more substrate than for other testing.


Sample Testing Submission Form