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  • Standard and Diverse Product Assembly Applications

  • Grocery Store Products-Ice Cream/Pies/Dinners, etc

  • Packaging Houses – Meat/Poultry/Seafood

  • Case and Carton Sealing/Tray Forming

  • Premium Case & Carton – Metallocene

  • Frozen Food and Specialty Coating

  • Low Temperature Melt EVA’s

  • Wax Coated Board and Boxes

  • Repairs and Box Applications

  • Fugitive/Pressure Sensitive

  • Manufactured Housing

  • Hand Held Glue Guns

  • Automotive Industry

  • Pressure Sensitive

  • Credit Card Glue

  • Pallet Stabilizing

  • Woodworking

  • Non-Woven’s

  • Bookbinding

  • Graphic Arts

  • Glue Sticks

  • Textiles

  • Labels

DHM Adhesives, Inc offers a complete product family designed to exceed your performance requirements throughout a multitude of markets. We address both standard and diverse application needs with our DHM labeled products, our PremiumMelt® Product offerings and through our tolling capability.  If we do not have the product that you need, we have our own chemists on staff responsible for multiple patents in our fully equipped lab who can design it for you. 

Applications & Products

Adhesive Applications and Products 


Known to many as "Booger glue" or "Credit Card Glue", fugitives hot melts are used when non-permanent, removable bonds are needed.  Fugitives are manufactured to be non-staining and conforming so that the materials that are bonded will not be damaged when the fugitive is removed.


  • Credit Cards  

  • Mailing

  • Packaging 

  • Pharmaceutical Packaging

  • And Many More...